Our Story

We are Midwest Sky Sports and aviation is in our DNA. The journey to where we are today has been an experience full of many good experiences as well as some real challenges, however being a part of this great industry has made it all worth it!

Our story began with a Flight School in Lapeer Michigan. We were one of only a couple flight schools in the state to offer Sport Pilot Training, since many of flight schools and instructors simply did not trust the Light Sport airplanes. Our sport pilot training began in a Rans S-6 tricycle gear aircraft and a Rans S-7 tailwheel aircraft. These aircraft worked out good, but with one issue, it was hard to get a Private Pilot student to take lessons in them since they “looked more like an ultra light than airplane”, now before you Rans fans hang me by my feet, let me just say that this was not my feeling, it was the perception of many of our private pilot students. Anyway word quickly spread that we offered this training and soon we were training pilots from all around Michigan.

Quite a few of our students were in the process of building their own aircraft while trying to get their license. As we got to know more and more of these home builders, a few issues kept emerging. The time to finish the build was extremely high for many of them and the need for certain services were in short supply such as the highly specialized field of avionics. Noticing the need for support, we set out to come up with a solution to help these current and future aviators. This is when we decided to join forces with aircraft builder Hayes Aero to form Midwest Sky Sports. Our aim was to help this group of builders succeed by offering a build assist program to help them in their build process and to offer avionics installation services

During this transformation we were eyeing an airplane fairly new to the market. It was an all metal airplane with the fit and finish that so many others were lacking and the handling characteristics that made you feel you just strapped into a fighter jet. It was the Sling 2 by the Airplane Factory. We talked extensively with Matt Liknaitzky of The Airplane Factory USA before finally deciding to become a dealer for their amazing machine. The Sling 2 replaced our Rans aircraft in the Flight School with huge success. We were now having an easier time getting the Private Pilot students to train in a Light Sport airplane, which given the low operating costs, was a benefit to us financially.

This was just the beginning of our relationship with The Airplane Factory. While working the booth at Sun n Fun one year we came to agreement that Midwest Sky Sports would build a Sling 4 quick build to display at the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh. The quick build brought a lot of attention and was sold at the show. This successful build opened the door to our next project which was to be a Sling 2 S-LSA, and this was followed up with a Sling 2 build assist. 2 more successful builds.

Midwest Sky Sports is now an authorized build center for The Airplane Factory. Our Build Assist program allows those who do not have the time to dedicate to a complete build still have a hand in building their airplane. We can help with some or all of the aircraft, however much you need and our avionics shop can help you with the daunting task of wiring your avionics.

We currently have a Sling 2 quick build available with several options for one lucky pilot. It can be finished at our facility as a build assist or E-LSA, or it can be taken home to be finished with a huge head start. We can also finish it as an S-LSA. If you would like to be that lucky pilot give us a call. (810) 356-3447

Midwest Sky Sports is an Authorized Rotax Repair Center with Heavy Repair certification. We have grown into are a full service Maintenance and Avionics facility servicing LSA, experimental and certified aircraft such as Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Cirrus and more.

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