Meet The Crew

Steve O'Connor - Midwest Sky Sports

Steve O’Connor

Sales, Marketing & Avionics

In addition to handling sales, marketing and avionics for Midwest Sky Sports, Steve is also a Certified Flight Instructor giving lessons, teaching ground school and helping to run our sister company, Lapeer Flight Training.

Steve is a man of many hobbies (possibly too many) however, aviation, photography and videography are among his favorites which makes his job of marketing a natural fit. Steve is also a technology junkie, always needing to have the latest and greatest electronics and gadgets to hit the market. Steve.

Andy Enos - Midwest Sky Sports

Andy Enos

Maintenance & Aircraft Build

Andy is also a Certified Flight Instructor and is the Chief Instructor at our Flight School, Lapeer Flight Triaining. Bouncing back and forth between Midwest Sky Sports and Lapeer Flight Training, he keeps busy Flight instructing, building airplanes and assisting with maintenance.

When he is not bouncing between companies, Andy enjoys the outdoors. Weather he is out hunting or hitting the trails with one of the many Jeeps he has built, Andy makes takes time from his busy schedule to play.

Ben Kooi - Midwest Sky Sports

Ben Kooi


Ben is an top notch A&P IA with the experience knowledge needed to keep your aircraft in safely flying. Ben has many years of maintenance and repair of many aircraft makes and models, including Mooney, Piper, Cessna and Cirrus among others. Ben will be an excellent addition to the Midwest Sky Sports team.

When he’s not repairing Aircraft Ben enjoys flying, he is a Commercial Pilot, Contract Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor and instructs with our flight school Lapeer Flight Training.

Henry Rise - Midwest Sky Sports

Henry Rise

Maintenance & Aircraft Build

Henry is a great addition to the Midwest Build and Maintenance team. His attention to detail, and passion for aviation makes him the perfect team member. Henry is a Light Sport Repairman and is a licensed Airframe Mechanic. Henry will be instrumental to our success!

Upon Graduating from Lapeer West, Henry pursued his interests in aviation by joining the United States Navy. Working as an Aviation Structural Mechanic on the F-14 Tomcat, F-18 Hornet, and F-18 Super Hornet, he continued on and followed his childhood dream and was accepted in to the world famous US NAVY BLUE ANGELS. There he worked as the lead mechanic traveling to air shows around the world.

Adam O'Connor - Midwest Sky Sports

Adam O’Connor

Avionics & IT

Adam is the youngest of our team and is currently working on getting his private pilot license. Adam is also a member of the Civil Air Patrol with hopes of being accepted into the Air Force ROTC program. He plans on attending the local college while awaits the application process.

Although Adam is the youngest of the group, he is a valuable member of the team. His strong computer and electrical skills are a huge asset in the avionics department. Not many know the avionics interfaces better than Adam.