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Aircraft Repair in Michigan

Midwest Sky Sports offers full service aircraft repair in Michigan at the Tuscola Area Airport (KCFS).

Midwest Sky Sports offers Aircraft Maintenance and Repair in Michigan. We service all makes and models of GA aircraft including Experimental and Light Sport aircraft. We have a wonderful group of employees, with strong dedication to the company, which we believe is by far our greatest asset!

Enough about us, its all about you! Most facilities focus on themselves, who they are and what they do. At Midwest Sky Sports, our focus is on you, your needs and how we can better serve you to give you an experience the other guys can’t.

With this in mind we created “Personalized Service”. Dubbed “Customer Experience Redefined,” this is a new type of experience you just can’t find anywhere else.

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Aircraft Repair Michigan

When aircraft owners were asked what frustrates them most about their current repair facilities,
three major problems were consistently discussed.
1. Lack Of Communication
2.Poor Quality Of Work
3.Long Turnaround Times

To address these complaints we developed:
“Customer Experience Redefined”

A Personal Consultant

  • Service Reminders
  • Repair Status Updates
  • Service Follow Ups

Unparalleled Quality

  • Experienced Technicians
  • Quality Control Processes
  • Repair Verification

Quick Turn Services

  • Available For Most Services
  • Parts Available When You Are
  • We Do Not Overbook

We understand our customers and their aircraft play a vital role in our success. It is our mission to give each customer a personal world-class experience.

Midwest Sky Sports

Also Servicing Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair in Michigan
Certified GA Aircraft
Light Sport Aircraft Maintenance and Repair in Michigan
Light Sport Aircraft
Experimental Aircraft Maintenance and Repair in Michigan
Experimental Aircraft

Rotax Repair Center

Service and repair of all Rotax 2 and 4 stroke aircraft engines.

See Our Rotax Page

Rotax Aircraft Maintenance and Repair in Michigan
Certified ROTAX Heavy Maintenance

Propeller Balancing

Around 80% of all general aviation aircraft are flying with out-of-balance propellers, the leading cause of fatigue cracks and other vibration induced damage.

If you have a vibration in your engine, you should have your propeller balance checked. Sometimes the vibration is coming from sources other than the propeller, our equipment can help isolate the cause of the vibration.

Get Your Propeller Balance Checked Today!
You Will Be Glad You Did!

Give Us The Chance To Earn Your Trust!

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