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If you’ve ever flown your airplane and noticed even the slightest repetitive vibration, you have probably written it off as a normal fact of life with owning an aircraft.

The truth to the matter though, is the slightest vibration can actually cost you some of your hard-earned dollars down the road. Vibrations cause premature wear of critical components in your engine such as gearbox, camshaft and crankshaft, can cause stress cracks in your airframe and can even cause undue wear in avionics components.

The next question you may ask is “My aircraft was built by the factory, how can this be an issue off the line?” The answer is that propellers come in a box and just bolt right onto the engine hub. Those propellers seldom get balanced at the factory with exception to some of the more premium ones where the manufacturer will balance it before it gets shipped off.

Even if your propeller was balanced at the factory, it most likely will only have been static balanced. Static balancing is the process of putting the propeller on an axle, and placing weights in such a way that no one side is heavier than the other. While this is largely effective, the downfall is that it does not account for the vibrations in the entire power plant system (engine, hub AND prop).

This is where we move into dynamic balancing. Dynamic balancing also involves weight placement, however the measurements are taken while the engine is running. This means that all vibrations are taken into account. The downside to dynamic balancing is that the equipment can be costly. This equipment involves a control module that takes in sensor data, the sensors themselves including accelerometers (think of them as motion sensors) and tachometers (to measure RPM and more importantly calculate engine position at a given time) and the know-how of operating the equipment. All of this will set you back in excess of $3,500+ and lots of your valuable time.

To solve the problems of both types of balancing, you can bring your aircraft to Midwest Sky Sports. In the time it takes for you to grab some lunch, we can have your prop balanced and the investment in your aircraft more secure at a price you can afford.

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